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Keeping Your Pet Calm On New Year’s Eve

Provide a den/cosy place for them to hide A lot of animals, when stressed or scared, tend to go into an enclosed place in order to feel safe (you may have

Dec 31 2015

Places To Take Your Dog In Dubai

Although dogs are banned from many beaches and parks in Dubai, there are still a lot of places that welcome dogs in the city, so we’ve put together a few

Dec 23 2015

Things To Do With Your Dog In The UK

The Headland Hotel, Newquay If you’re thinking of taking a weekend break, and can’t bear to leave your pup behind, why not take them with you? The

Dec 18 2015

Top Things To Do With Your Dog: US Cities

New York Shake Shack When you and your pooch are feeling a bit peckish, head over to the Shake Shack in the beautiful Madison Square Park. It’s often very

Dec 11 2015

Dog Walking Apps

Walkies: Not complicated, very easy to use and to top that, it’s free with no advertisements included either. and very easy to use. Walkies is the number

Nov 27 2015