Things to do with your pet in Mumbai

Are you planning a trip to Mumbai with your pet and looking for exciting ways to spend quality time with your furry friend? Look no further! From pet parks to beach outings, Mumbai offers a range of activities that both you and your pet will love. Let’s dive into some of the best pet-friendly spots and activities in the city:

Yari Road Pet Park:

Located in Mumbai, Yari Road Pet Park stands as Maharashtra’s first active pet park. Here, your pets can frolic and play in a safe, secure, and clean environment designed specifically for them. It’s a fantastic space for both socialisation and exercise, ensuring your pet stays happy and healthy.

Aksa Beach:

Bring your leashed dog along for a delightful day out at Aksa Beach. This popular beach destination warmly welcomes pets, allowing them to enjoy the sand, sea, and sun alongside you. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your furry companion to experience the joys of the beach while staying by your side.

Cafe Pefe – World’s 1st Dog Cafe

Nestled in the heart of the Sofitel Mumbai Fort shopping mall, Cafe Pefe offers a unique experience for dog owners. Relax and unwind with your furry friend while indulging in a variety of delicious food, refreshing drinks, and entertaining games. It’s the perfect spot to bond with your pet in a welcoming atmosphere.

Attend a Dog-Friendly Event:

Mumbai plays host to numerous dog-friendly events throughout the year, ranging from pet adoption drives to charity walks and dog shows. These events provide an excellent opportunity for you and your pet to socialize, meet other dog owners, and contribute to worthy causes. Keep an eye out for upcoming events in local pet communities and stores.

Visit a Dog Park:

Explore Mumbai’s designated dog parks where your canine companion can run and play off-leash in a secure environment. Mahim Bay View Garden and Wadala Five Gardens are two popular options with dedicated dog areas. Remember to clean up after your pet and adhere to any posted rules to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Take a Dog-Friendly Ferry Ride:

Embark on a memorable ferry ride with your pet to explore Mumbai from a different perspective. Many ferry services in the city allow dogs on board, making it easy to visit attractions like Elephanta Island or Mandwa Beach while enjoying the company of your furry friend.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, culinary delights, or social gatherings, Mumbai offers plenty of pet-friendly options to explore.

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Fri May 3 2024