Where to take your dog in Tasmania

Sitting 300km south of Australia, the island state of Tasmania is a dog-lovers paradise. From stunning natural sights, to bustling cities full of mouthwatering delights, Tasmania will please dogs and humans alike. With 66% of households owning a pet, there’s no doubt that Tasmania is an island of animal lovers. Find out what to do with your dog in Tasmania.

Kingston Beach

Located on the outskirts of the capital city of Hobart, Kingston Beach is one of the most popular dog beaches on the island. Here, dogs are permitted off-leash at all times in the area near the river. The perfect place to let your dog run free and splash around in the sea or river. There are plenty of amenities for dogs too including water bowls, hoses for rinsing off and dog poo bags.

Table Cape Tulip Farm

Open during the spring months of September and October, Table Cape Tulip Farm is a great day out and dog-friendly to boot! It’s a real working farm and is a great place to get some Instagram-worthy shots of your pooch. Enjoy gazing in wonder at the rows of rainbow-coloured tulips. The farm also has an art gallery, indoor display area and offers Devonshire teas.

Where to take your dog in Tasmania

Beach Hut Coffee

Dogs are welcome in the fenced back garden of this beach side cafe. Located in Ulverstone on the northern coast, Beach Hut Coffee offers a wide range of healthy, delicious food. If you need to work up a bit of an appetite before your visit, it’s not far from the local off-leash dog beach too!

Snug Falls Track

Just a short drive south from Hobart will take you to the small town of Snug, home to Snug Falls. With plenty of parking and a well signposted trail, this 2.1km hike will take you up through bushland the base of the waterfall. The falls flow well at any time of year but the track can become muddy and more difficult shortly after heavy rain or snow. If visiting on a warm day, it’s possible to paddle in the shallows at the base of the waterfall. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

Fri Sep 18 2020