QANTAS airlines are the Australian national carrier and one of the more commonly used for pets to travel from UK to Australia. There are a few options for pets to travel from UK to Australia with QANTAS and these include travelling from UK to Perth, Australia on the longer flight, then transiting in Perth, Australia to a flight from Perth to Melbourne, Australia where the pets will be collected by the specially trained animal handlers from Melbourne quarantine station and taken to quarantine. There is also a slower option for pets to travel from UK to Singapore, then Singapore to Melbourne. There is however a longer transit in Singapore so it takes longer overall, but some pets will appreciate the stop in Singapore.

We have teamed up with an excellent agent in Singapore who will attend the quarantine station at the transit and make sure the pets are fed, watered and safe. Some pets (who prefer a cuddle) like this option and some of the more nervous pets are better suited to the journey to Perth with a shorter transit time.

QANTAS airlines also fly pets who are relocating to Singapore and their journey is stopping there and they will fly pets to Auckland, New Zealand; but this route involves a stop in Singapore and then Sydney and then on to Auckland, so normally there are better route options with an airline like Air New Zealand or Singapore airlines.

QANTAS are one of the few airlines who will accept snub nosed/brachycephalic pets, though they do ask the owners and agents to sign extra disclaimers and we have use a crate a larger size than necessary in order to give these pets extra ventilation.

All in all, QANTAS are an excellent airline for travelling pets on long haul journeys and they are one of our most frequently used airline. To find out more, get a free quote online today.

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Got questions on travelling with your pets on Qantas? Call our experts on 01725 551124.

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