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Virgin Atlantic is a British airline, owned by Sir Richard Branson and Singapore Airlines. They accept cats and dogs only (with the exception of breeds listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act and most snub nosed pets)Your pets are allowed on the flight when transported in the hold, a ventilated and pressurised part of the aircraft.


Pets on flights must be pre-booked with Virgin Atlantic, which can be arranged by the knowledgeable team at Petair UK.

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As with every pet flight, your pet will need the correct documentation depending on where your pet is travelling to. The requirements for each country are different and can be quite complicated, so please do contact the team at Petair UK and we will be able to advise you or have a look here.


Pet flights will need to be booked a minimum of 7 days before departure, and for flights to South Africa, Dubai and Australia bookings need to be made through IPATA agents, such as Petair UK.

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Virgin Atlantic transport pets into the UK, to the USA and other locations around the globe. Each country has it’s own regulations on importing and exporting pets, which can be found here.


There are strict regulations on pet travel crates which need to be met before the pet is allowed on the flight, such as dimensions, water supply and material.

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Virgin Atlantic fly to destinations worldwide, so you are sure to find your perfect flight. PetAir can take care of everything so your furry friends can join you in these locations. 


PetAir UK have ample experience in transporting pets with Virgin Atlantic, our priority is getting your pets there securely and comfortably. Got any more questions on travelling with your pets on Virgin Atlantic? Give us a ring to learn more from our experts on +44 (0)1725 551124.