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The range of documentation needed to fly a pet internationally can be staggering. From rabies certificates to pet passports and veterinary certificates - and it all varies from country to country...

How much documentation is required? 

This varies depending on the destination and we can take care of as many of the necessary arrangements as you’d like – including all the veterinary aspects and fitness to fly examinations. Documents required may include:

  • Import paperwork issued by the authorities of the destination country
  • Export paperwork issued by DEFRA
  • Supplementary veterinary paperwork from an LVI vet, treatment declarations, fitness to fly forms, acclimatisation certificates, blood test results and more
  • PETS passport
  • Declaration forms from the owner
  • Airline customs and excise forms

In short – it is a lot of paperwork!

Do I need to do the paperwork?

Entirely up to you. We can take care of absolutely everything for you or we can work with you to help you get together what you need. Depending on the level of service you choose we can tailor our service to suit you as required.

What if I get to the airport and there is a problem with my paperwork?

In the unlikely event that you arrive at the airport and something has been forgotten, we can sort it out. We have copies of all our clients documentation that is required for the flight, our team of vets can step in and re-certify fitness to fly paperwork and we cover every base when flying your pet. Nothing is more important to our team than ensuring your pet arrives safe and sound.

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