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PetAir UK can help your pets fly to over 295 destinations worldwide. Flying pets internationally is the PetAir UK speciality. We can even arrange your international pet flight to be the same as yours. We can also collect your pet for their international flight, complete their veterinary work and all of their paperwork. With over 15 years of experience flying pets, PetAir UK can offer as much or as little help as you need – just ask.


PetAir UK is registered with IATA, IPATA and DEFRA approved. We have accounts will all of the major airlines that provide international pet flights. All of the PetAir UK vets are official veterinarians, who have undergone extra training so that they can complete DEFRA export certificates and pre-travel health checks for your cats and dogs to travel to their new destination.

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The Journey


Moving any pet somewhere new can be stressful and upsetting. PetAir UK journeys are all routed around what’s best for your particular pet. We use the best airlines and the quickest routes, avoiding cheaper routes that may require a stop. We take the time to plan the best journey for each individual pet to their destination. Keeping connection and waiting times to a minimum.


In the plane, your pet will travel in the hold of the aircraft. This is a special area which is heated and pressurised, just like the cabin.

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Long haul pet flights

Long haul pet travel is any flight lasting long that 6 hours, to destinations such as to the UAE, the USA and more.

If you are looking to transport your pet on a long haul flight, there are some key things to know before booking. We recommend being aware of the importing regulations to your country of choice, which you can find more detail on here, as well as the Airlines we fly with and the Airports we fly from.

We have ample experience in long haul pet flights for your dogs and cats to over 250 destinations.

For their international pet flight, we want your pet to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we can make special crates that are built to specifically fit your pet. Their crates will be sprayed with pheromones and lined with veterinary bedding and incontinence pads for extra comfort. They can even have a favourite toy or blanket to make them feel secure on their journey.


If you have any questions about International Pet Flights, Flying Pets or Pet Travel with PetAir UK, don't hesitate to contact us here.