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It can be very easy for some to think that pets are secondary members of our families. At PetAir we think very differently. It is our company’s ethos that pets are full, well loved members of their respective families and should receive equal care at least, if not more!

We are acutely aware that pets cannot be told about the journeys they are about to undertake with most of the pets we ship flying for the first time, so we make sure that we are able to offer them the most comfortable journey. From bespoke travel crates to quick check-ins at the airport to everything in between.

Every member of our team has either grown up around pets, owns pets, qualified in some veterinary capacity or is a combination of all of them! So from the pre-veterinary checks/tests to pick up and check-in at the airport we strive to ensure you pet has first class treatment, care and the respect they deserve all of the way.

We would love you to call us should you need any further information about how we provide the best care possible.