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PetAir UK is run by fully qualified veterinary surgeons and complemented by an exceptional team of animal healthcare professionals, the majority of which are fully qualified veterinary nurses. We specialise in pet export arrangements including all necessary veterinary documentation and as such we are uniquely placed to look after your pets travel needs.

As vets, we understand the stresses that your pet could encounter on its flight and we pride ourselves on a professional, caring and compassionate approach.

The PetAir UK Vet Team

Our veterinary team pride ourselves on our personable approach and our caring attitude to your dearest pets. We devote an equal amount of attention to dealing with the owners concerns and wishes and appreciate what a stressful and worrying time it can be for you. We have a 100% track record of never having had a health problem with any of the pets we have transported anywhere in the world. As a team, we feel we are uniquely placed to look after your pets needs with welfare paramount in our minds.

Will a vet visit my house?

If you opt for the PetAir UK gold service we will take care of everything. No matter what level of service you choose, we care for every pet to the highest standard. We can even arrange for one of our vets to visit your home to take any blood samples or perform any veterinary examinations that may be required.

Do I need to use a PetAir UK Vet?

No. We are more than happy to work with vets and practices all over the country. The only aspect you need to check when using your local vet is that the export documentation must be signed by a DEFRA approved LVI vet. As the veterinary paperwork is so vital to your pets safe passage, it is advisable to use a vet with a great deal of experience in filling in these complex documents.

How will you work with my local vet?

We introduce ourselves to your local practice and send them the same guidelines that we use ourselves. We very politely ask them to fax us copies of the paperwork so we can help go through it and assist in dealing with any irregularities or permit alterations that may crop up.

We work with many practices around the UK and PetAir UK veterinary consultants are fully panelled LVI’s who also offer the added reassurance of specialising in the pet travel sector.

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