Can I take my dog to work with me?

The last year and a half has been full of ups and downs for many people. For lots of families, one of the major high points may have been introducing a new pet into the family. But now that people are returning to the office, they may be asking, ‘Can I take my dog to work with me?”. 

Firstly, you’ll need to consider whether your workplace is a suitable environment for a dog. Not just for your dog themselves but also for any colleagues or customers they may encounter. For example, a food service venue might have health and safety rules that prohibits dogs from being present. A building site with all it’s dangers and hazards may also not be the best place for your pooch. Think about how your dog reacts to outside factors such as loud noises or interacting with children or other animals. Check what your company policy states too.

Contact Law told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

There are no general laws restricting employees or employers from bringing pets into work, but it depends on the type of workplace.”

The next step would be to ask your boss and colleagues whether it would be okay to bring your dog to work. Some people are allergic to dogs, some might be scared and some just might not be that keen on them. You have to respect everyone’s right to a safe space to work in.

taking your dog to work

If you get the go ahead, there are some things you’ll need to consider. Are you able to transport your dog safely to your place of work? Once they are there, is there somewhere quiet they can escape to and rest? It’s a good idea to bring some of your pets’ home comforts, like their bed and any favourite toys. Puzzle toys or treat toys, like KONGs are a great idea to help keep your pet entertained throughout the day. Make sure you’ve thought about lunchtime walks and toilet breaks too. It’s also a good idea to have a back-up plan incase things don’t go quite as smoothly as you’d hoped.

If it all goes well and everyone’s happy then fantastic news! Dogs are brilliant working companions and plenty of studies have shown the positive effects they can have on our stress levels and mental health. 

Fri Jul 2 2021