Do Pets Need to Quarantine in the USA?

Dreaming of travelling to America with your pet but wondering about quarantine requirements? Look no further – we’ve got the lowdown on hassle-free pet journeys to the United States.

Vaccination Requirements

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has established specific guidelines regarding pet entry into the United States, and all pets entering the country must be healthy and in some cases have been vaccinated for rabies before the travel date.

It is advisable for your pet to have had all their routine vaccinations also prior to travel, as it is likely they will come into contact with other pets, and this will ensure they are fully protected. 

State and Territory Requirements

Most US states and territories do not require quarantine for dogs and cats from other countries, as long as they meet the necessary health and veterinary conditions. However, certain US territories such as Hawaii enforce quarantine requirements for pet dogs and cats due to their status as rabies-free territories.

Rabies-Free Status

The US authorities consider the UK to be rabies-free, and so there is no requirement for rabies vaccination prior to entry. The states of Texas and Florida separately request that rabies vaccination is given prior to travel, but there is no requirement for a wait period before your pet can fly – only that the vaccine is in date at the time of arrival at your destination. 

Planning a trip with your beloved pet can be exciting yet overwhelming. From travel regulations to their safety, there’s a lot to think about. That’s where PetAir comes in. Reach out to us for your furry friend’s upcoming adventure. We’re not just experts; we’re animal lovers who care about their well-being. Contact us today to make their journey safe and positive!


Fri Feb 9 2024