Keeping your pet entertained on a rainy day

It’s always nice to have an arsenal of indoor activities under your belt that you can use to keep your pet entertained if the weather is a bit too wet to venture out into. If you’re the owner of a puppy, a kitten or a very active dog, you will definitely be thankful of having some alternative ways to help burn off some of that extra energy if you’re all stuck inside the house.

Cardboard cat castle

Cats may not always want to play as they are much more low-maintenance than dogs when it comes to entertainment, but there are still some ways you can keep things fun for them inside the house if they are in a playful mood. It’s no secret that cats LOVE cardboard boxes so if you’ve ordered anything recently then be sure to keep hold of the box because it will come in handy if your cat is looking for somewhere to play. If you’ve got kids, you can kill two birds with one stone and keep them entertained at the same time as they can help you ‘decorate’ your cats new playhouse and turn it into a fort or a princess castle.

Ping pong balls

Another easy win for a playful cat game is to find a nice, clear area in your home and chuck a couple of ping pong balls around. Your cat will love chasing and batting them around the room and it’s a great exercise for building up their agility too.

tabby cat looking out of window with rain on

Hide and seek

This is another great game that you can get the kids involved in too. Find a good hiding place around your house, like under a bed, behind a door or in the bath or shower and call your dog’s name. He’ll have loads of fun trying to work out where you’ve gone.

Obstacle course

Use everyday items in your house like chairs, coffee tables and blankets and make an obstacle course for them. Encourage them around the route using their favourite toy or snack. You could even time it to see how quickly you can do it. But be sensible about your pet’s ability and don’t make it too precarious!

With so many great ideas to keep your pets (and kids!) entertained in the rain, you won’t have to worry about a less than perfect weather report again!

Fri Feb 22 2019