Preparing and Travelling with My Cat to the USA

Preparing and Travelling with My Cat to the USA

Are you considering moving from the UK to the USA with your cat and wondering about the logistics? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about preparing and travelling with your cat to the USA. From the cost of cat relocation to choosing the right airline, and from preparing your cat for travel to age restrictions, we have you covered.

How much does it cost to fly my cat to the USA?

The cost of moving to the UK from the USA with a cat can vary depending on the destination and the size of your pet. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £1200 to £4000 for one cat. This cost includes various factors, such as airline fees, cargo hold charges, and any additional services required during the journey. 

How to choose an airline to travel to the USA

When it comes to choosing an airline to relocate your cat, it’s essential to consider various factors. Firstly, ensure that the airline you choose allows pets on their flights. Popular airlines for moving to the USA with a cat include British Airways, American Airlines, and occasionally Turkish Airlines.

How to begin preparing my cat to travel to the USA

To ensure a smooth journey when taking your cat to the USA, proper preparation is key. Your cat will need to travel in an IATA-approved travel crate, which must meet specific requirements. These include allowing your cat to comfortably stand up (with their ears not touching the top), lie down (with space behind and in front of them), and turn around. It’s important to note that crate requirements are strict when flying out of the UK, so the crate you previously used for travel may not be acceptable when departing. At PetAir, we build crates tailored to your cat’s specific needs. The crate will be supplied with bedding lined with puppy pads to soak up any leaks and fleecy, comforting vet bedding on top.  

Can my cat travel in a cabin with me to the USA?

In general, cats are not permitted to travel in the cabin with passengers to the USA. It’s important to check with your chosen airline or cat relocation services for advice on specific policies. In most cases, pets flying to the USA depart from the UK in the cargo hold, unless they are registered service animals. All aircraft carrying pets offer specialised holds underneath the cabin, which are temperature-controlled and dimly lit, providing a calm environment for your pet.

Are there any age restrictions for cats travelling to the USA?

Age restrictions for cats travelling to the USA can vary depending on the airline, clearance agent, or US state. The minimum age requirement set by British Airways is 10 weeks. However, it’s worth noting that some states and clearance agents may require a minimum age of 16 weeks. Ensure that your cat’s ISO microchip is inserted before completing any pre-travel documentation, as it will be checked at each departure.

Planning a trip with your beloved pet can be exciting yet overwhelming. From travel regulations to their safety, there’s a lot to think about. That’s where PetAir comes in. Reach out to us for your furry friend’s upcoming adventure. We’re not just experts; we’re animal lovers who care about their well-being. Contact us today to make their journey safe and positive!


Fri Nov 10 2023