Preparing and travelling with my dog to the USA

Moving from the UK to the USA with a dog can be an exciting prospect, but it requires a lot of preparation. Dogs are an important part of our families, and we want them to be comfortable and safe during the journey. In this article, we share some essential tips on how to prepare and travel with your dog to the USA.

How much does it cost to fly my dog to the USA?

The cost of flying your dog to the USA can vary depending on the destination and the size of your furry friend. On average, it can cost anywhere from £1200 to £7000 for one pet. Thus, it’s essential to research the fees, taxes, and other costs involved in relocating your dog before making any arrangements. 

How to choose an airline to travel to the USA

Choosing the right airline when taking dogs to the USA is a crucial step to ensure a comfortable journey. British Airways, American Airlines, and occasionally Turkish Airlines are some of the best options for travelling with pets. These airlines offer specific pet travel schemes, and their services are often top-notch.

How to begin preparing my dog to travel to the USA

Prior preparation when looking to relocate your dog, is key to ensuring that your dog can travel safely. You should begin by visiting your veterinarian and ensuring that your dog is in good health. The pet must pass a fit-to-fly examination, which will need to travel with them. It’s also vital to ensure that your pet has a microchip and that all the pre-travel documentation is complete before departure.  To ensure that your furry baby has all the necessary checks and documentation, it is beneficial to enlist the assistance of dog relocation services

It is also advisable to crate-train your dog prior to travel. It is crucial that the travel crate you choose adheres to the standards set by IPATA, IATA, and the airline. At  PetAir we build these to your bespoke requirements. The crate is supplied with approved bedding, to soak away any spillages or toilet accidents and allow for a soft and comfortable journey. There will be deep water bowls attached to the inside and a funnel attached to the outside, to allow for the water to be topped up even after the pet is placed inside the crate. 

Can my dog travel in a cabin with me to the USA?

Some airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin with their owners, while others require pets to travel as cargo. There are no direct flights from the UK to the USA that allow pets to travel with you in the cabin – unless your pet is a registered service dog. Please note that you will be required to provide documentation of their training facility to enable the airline to travel them in cabin. Pets travelling as cargo are looked after by trained animal handlers and often have a quieter, roomier and more peaceful journey than those in cabin.

Are there any age restrictions for dogs travelling to the USA?

Age restrictions for dogs during travel to the USA may vary depending on the airline, clearance agent, or the US state. British Airways, for example, requires a minimum age of ten weeks, while some states and clearance agents insist on at least 16 weeks. It’s crucial to research the age requirements of your preferred airline before making arrangements for dog relocation.  

Moving to the USA with a dog requires thorough research, preparation, and organisation.  PetAir UK can help and advise on all aspects of flying your pets from the UK to the USA and we can complete the veterinary work to ensure compliant entry.


Fri Oct 13 2023