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Many dogs and cats travel to Portugal every year as the human members of the family relocate. Portugal is part of the EU so has very similar regulations for importing and exporting pets as France or Spain.

Dogs and cat travelling need to have an EU pet passport (usually done by your own local vet). The following steps needs to be followed, but more details can be found here.

Owned & Run By Vets

PetAir UK is run and owned by vets to ensure the very best care for your pets. We remain true to our belief that the best possible service is always offered to our clients and their pets. 

We Specialise in Custom Containers & Transport

PetAir UK can make crates tailored to suit your pet(s), always to the best standard possible. All of our crates are sprayed with species specific appeasing pheromones, and comfortably lined with special bedding that ensures they are always dry throughout the journey. Not only is this service often economically to your advantage, but it ensures your pet travels in a secure, safe and reassuring environment. 

All the Documents for Your Pet Taken Care Of

PetAir UK can help with all the documentation to safely and correctly transport your pet(s) from country to country. Whether it be pet passports, import permits, custom clearance, veterinary tests or owner declarations. We can take care of absolutely everything.

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Step 1 – Your dog or cat needs a microchip.

Step 2 – They then need a rabies vaccination and must be at least 3 months old before they have this. Some rabies vaccines in the UK last for 3 years and others will last for 3 years but need a top up after one year, so you need to know when the vaccine expires.

Step 3 – Your vet issues you with a pet passport and 21 days after the initial vaccination, your pet can travel to Europe and back again.

Step 4 – If your pet is travelling by plane, then the airlines demand that they are checked within 5 days of the flight to ensure that they are fit and healthy.

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We have ample experience in flying dogs and cats to Portugal. PetAir can organise everything to help you plan all the steps for your pet’s journey.

Our main aim to get pets to their destination safely and comfortably, while taking care of the owner’s stresses and needs also. So, if you’re planning to take your dog to Portugal, give us a call and have a chat with one of our friendly staff members today!