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  • Archie flew to New Zealand - September 2018
    Archie was looked after SO SO WELL. Such a personal service from start to finish. We went for gold and it made the process so straight forward exporting him to NZ - it is very complicated and you don’t save money if you just try and do the other bits yourself. When he was picked up the guy was so kind and understanding, let us make sure he was safely in his crate. Archie got a stop over in Singapore where they let him out the crate - I couldn’t find another company that allowed this. Liaison with the Quarantine was also facilitated. Everything went so smoothly and we were so happy to be reunited with him 10 days later. PetAirUK were also very reasonably priced - you might find a service that saves £100-200 but it won’t be nearly as good. It’s worth it for peace of mind for what is a stressful long and complicated process.
    Bob Ghandour
  • Zoey the dog flew to Cape Town, South Africa
    Hayley/Joanna Apologies for only emailing you now to say thank you. Zoey has had a good flight as far as we could tell.  She looked relaxed when we picked her up. Everything went so smooth and we cannot say thank you enough.  From the moment I enquired about your services, your emails and help, the very warm and friendly driver who picked Zoey up and the text message to let us know when she was dropped off at Heathrow, I can truly say that we've had such a good experience. Worth every penny! The peace of mind we had to know that all the paperwork was taken care of and to know that the people who dealt with her made sure she was happy and comfortable. Zoey is enjoying her new home. So much space and freedom here on the farm. Thank you again for everything (being very patient as well with all my emails checking things you had already told me etc).
    Bob Ghandour
  • Pippi the dog flew to Australia
    Hi Rachel, Just wanted to let you know that we collected Pippi from quarantine this morning and she's settling into her new home down under quite nicely. She's lost quite a lot of weight in quarantine, but generally she's in great shape. Thank you and everybody at Pet Air for everything - this was a long project for me: my initial enquiry with you was at the end of 2014, and at times I didn't think it was ever going to happen...but here she is! You and your team made the whole thing very straight forward for me, and I'm very, very grateful.  Kind regards, Sxxxx
    Bob Ghandour