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  • Stilton to UAE - June 2019
    We are all settling in nicely, including wee Stilton! He’s doing much better than we thought he would even in the short time he’s been here.  Thanks again and we will be recommending to others.
    Stiltons mum
  • Tosca and Allegra to Canada - June 2019
    "Just wanted to let you know that the flight to Montreal went well and the dogs have settled back to their of life in paradise, lots of freedom, nature and the lake.... The weather has been really nice too but today raining. Thank you again for all your help! They will return to UK at the end of February and next summer we'll do this again."
    PetAir UK
  • Coco to Canada - May 2019
    We are all in our new home safe and sound. Just wanted to say thank you so much to you & your team, we really couldn’t have taken our ‘baby no 1’ overseas & stress-free without you! Once you became our agent I felt things were finally moving in the right direction, you have reassured me & explained everything clearly throughout this whole process & I cannot thank you enough. Will be in touch if we decide to return to the uk!  
    Coco's family xxx