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  • Basil and Lexi flew to Cape Town, South Africa May 2017
    Hallo Lindsey, journey was good and uneventful thank you, and thank you SO much for taking our precious Basil and Lexi to the airport.  They love Cape Town and we mov into our house at the end of the month.  Have to put up with a beach cabana in the meantime :).   with thanks 
    Bob Ghandour
  • Spencer And Suzie Back To The UK
    Hey ladies, Thank you Miranda for all your help with the organising for Spencer and Suzie's flights back to the UK, talking me through the paperwork and always there to answer my many questions! Thank you Sarah for organising Spencer and Suzie's pick up from the airport and transporting them back home. You gave me updates when possible which really put my mind at rest and I am forever thankful for that. They both arrived safe and seemed not too bothered , even Suzie! Hope you both have a lovely Christmas Pxxx, Gxxxx , Spencer and Suzie
  • Elsa to Sweden
    Hi Darren, Just wanted to let you know everything went well and Elsa is now happily exploring her new home :) She seemed a bit shell shocked when I picked her up but once she realised it was me she was instantly relaxed. Thank you (and your colleagues) so much for all your help! Have a lovely weekend! Kind regards,Uxxxxx