How to keep your house clean when you’ve got pets

We all love our pets. But there’s no hiding the fact that they can be big contributors to the mess around your house. The amount that your pet affects your cleaning schedule will depend on a few different factors. For example, do you own a long-haired pet or a short-haired pet? Do you allow your pet up onto the sofa or your bed? And we’re not just talking about physical mess that you can see either. We’ve all walked into that one house where our nose has been hit with the smell of dog, or possibly worse. Keeping your house clean when you’ve got pets doesn’t have to be a massive job. Small but frequent habits can help you keep on top of it. Follow our top tips to keep your house clean when you’ve got pets.

Invest in a robotic vacuum

Once the stuff of science fiction, robot vacuum cleaners have been a real game changer for pet owners all over the world. And they’ve come down in price a lot since they first launched. If you’ve got a particularly fluffy pet, you’ll know that it can feel that you’re vacuuming endlessly. As well as sucking up hairs and dander, the vacuum will also deal with any other leaves or dirt that your pet brings in. They can be set up to run on a schedule that suits you and your family best, whether that’s overnight or during the day when everyone is out at work or school.

Consider your sofa

If you’re a softie who can’t bring themselves to say no to sofa snuggles, there are things you can do to keep your couch clean. The material of your sofa might not be the most ideal for pets. It could be holding all the bad smells and attracting all the loose hair like a magnet. Some materials will also show up stains and marks more than others. But if you can’t afford to invest in a new couch, there is an easier fix. Buy some big, cheap blankets made of washable materials that can be chucked in the washing machine often.

How to keep your house clean when you’ve got pets

Clean your pet

It seems obvious that a cleaner pet equals a cleaner home but sometimes we’re just too busy. If you can remove dirt from your pet at the door, then you’ve already removed the dirt that would have sat on your floors or sofas before it’s even entered your house. You don’t necessarily have to give your dog a full shower after every walk or have a fancy dog-wash station in your utility. Get a heavy-duty door mat and make sure you’ve got some towels within easy reach of entering your house. You could even use a small bucket or high-sided baking tray filled with clean water for a quick wash. Or think about getting a paw washer, which has soft bristles up the side to encourage the dirt off their fur and gently gets in between their paws.

Wash your pets stuff

Make sure you are regularly washing all of your pet’s belongings as this is where a lot of odours can build up. This includes their food bowls, dog toys, pet beds and even their leads and collars. You can hand wash items that aren’t suitable for machine washing in the sink. Make sure you use pet-friendly cleaning products and if possible, leave things out in the sun to dry as this will help to eliminate any further bacteria or smells.

Fri Jan 28 2022