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New study says that cats recognise their own name

New study shows that cats can understand words but can’t attach deep meaning to them…

Nov 22 2019

Why do you love walking your dog?

The daily dog walk is something that many dog owners would describe as being the highlight of their day. As well as providing wonderful exercise and

Nov 15 2019

The history of Downing Street pets

Pets have long been associated with our country’s leaders, with Henry VIII said to have had a menagerie of animals to his name, including ferrets, falcons

Nov 8 2019

Why your dog might be scratching so much

Excessive scratching from your pet could be caused a number of different things, find out more in this blog post.

Nov 7 2019

Below 1% of dogs entering US subject to screenings

A recent report sheds some light on growing disease figures among dogs in the US

Nov 7 2019