Sydney Quarantine Delays Closing

Anyone taking their pets to Sydney in the foreseeable future ought to know that Sydney is going to be closing soon and all dogs and cats will be flown into Melbourne and from there will be flown to their final destination in Australia. Over the course of PetAir UK’s life, we have had the options of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Perth quarantine has been opened and closed and opened and then finally closed and now it seems Sydney is doing similar.

The original date of closing was 16th October, but now Biosecurity Australia have said they will accept pets landing up to the 09th November. If you are going to Sydney, then you ought to get the flight and quarantine booked fast as when the summer hits us in UK, there will be a last minute rush to fly dogs and cats to Sydney rather than Melbourne.

There are more details here, but as always if PetAir UK can help then please do contact us and we will advise of the best options

Fri Jun 19 2015