5 signs your cat is happy

We love to love our pets. Cats live a life of luxury but they bring so much happiness in return. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you were making your cat as happy as they make you? Well luckily for us, there are some telltale signs that your cat is a happy feline.

1. Noise

Purring is the most obvious noise that a cat makes when it is happy but they will also use other noises to show that they are content, such as meowing. Cats love to have lengthy conversations full of high-pitched meows with you when they are feeling particularly jolly.

2. Eyes

A cat with half-open eyes may look like it’s just having trouble nodding off but this is actually a really positive sign. It’s a way of expressing trust and affections that means that they feel completely unthreatened.

3. “Kneading”

If a cat settles on you, you may have noticed that it “kneads” your legs with their paws, almost as if it was making bread. This motion comes from when they were kittens and would be nursing from their mother so it’s is a sure-fire way to tell that your cat is feeling happy and content.

4. A warm welcome

Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or when you come home from a long day at work, the way your cat greets you will reveal a lot about how happy they are feeling. If she rushes over with her tail sticking up in the air, her ears upright and rubs herself around your legs then you know you’ve got a contented kitty.

5. Playing

Playfulness is often a characteristic associated with kittens and younger cats but older cats will also enjoy playing if they are feeling happy. You’ll know they’re ready to play when they lie on their side and start twitching their tail.  Cats don’t need expensive toys; a simple string being dragged across the floor or scrunched up ball of paper to knock around will often bring the most joy.


Fri Jul 21 2017