5 Tips to Protect Your Dog from Theft

Back in 2014, Petlog reported that there were more than 70,000 pets missing (lost and stolen) in the UK. We’ve gathered some tips to protect your dog from thieves:

1. First and foremost, make sure your dog is microchipped and your contact details are always kept up-to-date – this is now the law for all dogs in England. In the unlikely event your dog is stolen, a microchip will help tremendously in them being found.

2. Try not to leave your dog tied up outside a shop, even if you’re just popping in quickly, as this makes your dog extremely vulnerable to thieves. If this is unavoidable, take someone along with you who can stay with your dog while you go into the shop.

puppy with bone treat

3. Never leave your dog alone in the car. This is mainly due to the fact that your dog can overheat very quickly while in a car in warm weather, but it’s also because it may attract pet thieves. It’s very easy for someone to break into a car and steal your beloved pet.

4. Be cautious of strangers that seem too interested in your dog/are asking a lot of questions. It’s perfecting normal to have a chat with fellow walkers, but be careful not to give out any personal details e.g. the cost of your dog, your address etc.

5. Try to keep your dog in your sight when they are playing in the garden and always make sure the gate is locked, especially if you have to leave them unsupervised for a few minutes. It can also be a good idea to attach some kind of bell on your gate, so you are aware of anyone coming through it.

dog lying in the grass

Mon Aug 1 2016