7 signs you are obsessed with your dog

The bond between owner and dog is a strong one. You might even say you are obsessed. There’s no denying that most dogs are considered to be part of the family rather than just a pet. Dogs see us through thick and thin, they make us laugh, make us smile and are there to comfort us when we cry so it’s not surprising that many pet-owner relationships can border on the obsessive.

Here are some things to look out for when you think your bond may be crossing that line…

1. You tell all your friends EVERYTHING about your dog

And we mean everything. It’s like you can’t stop talking about them. Your friends could probably recite word for word all the stories you’ve got about the highs and lows of living with your beloved pooch. They know all your dog’s likes and dislikes and all their funny little quirks.

2. You throw birthday parties for your dog

They are a fully-fledged family member after all so why shouldn’t they celebrate with a special doggy cake and hats and banners like everyone else?

3. Your phone is full of doggy pictures

From the moment you brought him home your dog has been the main focus of all your photography. He’s got his own Instagram account with more followers than you, he’s your phone background image and your house is filled with photos of your dog and nobody else.

woman with long hair hugging dalmation

4. And that goes for family portraits too…

Whether you’re just out for a walk locally or at a picturesque holiday spot, a family selfie isn’t complete without your dog’s cheesy grin. Even the professional studio shots just aren’t happening unless your four-legged friend is around.

5. You sign cards from your dog

Christmas cards, birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards, you’d better believe that your dog is signing his name too. You know you’ve really got a problem if your dog is sending birthday cards to his doggy mates.

6. Your dog is the best dog

Yes, that new puppy your sister just got is kind of adorable but nothing will ever live up to the supreme cuteness that is your dog.

7. Your dog is your best friend

You tell them everything, you take them everywhere, you share your innermost thoughts and dreams with them. Your dog is your best friend in the whole world and nothing will ever change that. This is a definite sign that you are obsessed!

Fri Feb 1 2019