A New Pet Terminal Is Opening at JFK Airport

An article (mainly) for our American friends – we came across this new facility opening in the US and thought it was rather interesting!

The ARK at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City revealed their new ‘Pet Oasis’ earlier this week. The ARK is an 178,000-square foot, $65 million facility and will provide, effectively, a private terminal for travelling pets. The Pet Oasis is the first stage of the animal terminal to roll-out and has facilities to deliver vaccines and microchipping, provide overnight kennels, educate owners of flight requirements, help with boarding and receive pets coming into JFK, amongst other things.

The Pet Oasis, however, is only the beginning of this new development. When it’s completed, the facility will have a 20,000-square foot luxury spa where pets can play in a swimming pool and have access to grooming and massage therapy.

Pets staying overnight in the ‘luxury’ suites will have beds, TVs and owners will be able to see them via webcam to make sure they’re safe. When all stages have rolled out and it’s completely functional, The ARK will be able to accept pets, horses, livestock birds and exotic animals.

[Aircraft, Holiday, Sun, Tourism, Summer, Summer Holiday] So, to put it in layman’s terms, animals travelling through this facility in JFK will have it even better than humans!

Fri Feb 17 2017