Best toys for older cats

Kittens are notoriously playful. They’ll play with anything and everything. It doesn’t take much to get a kitten all excited and leaping about and that’s part of their endearing charm. As your cat ages, you may notice that they start to shun playtime in favour of naptime. But that doesn’t mean that they are ready to put playtime behind them for good. In fact, continuing playtime into your cats’ senior years is recommended to help their physical and mental health.

The staff at Vetstreet told Bustle:

It’s often too easy to assume an older cat is satisfied with a day of leisure, but that’s not fair to your cat, who may just be waiting for you to entice him to play.”

cat reaching up

Finding the right toys for your older cat will help them to stay active, happy and alert. Toys that are suitable for kittens won’t always be suitable for older cats. You’ll need to look for softer toys that won’t damage their fragile teeth and toys that are stimulating but tame enough to help your cat avoid injuring themselves.

1. Teaser Wand

Cats of all ages love chasing teaser wands. As your cat gets older, look for wands made of natural, organic materials that won’t contain dyes or chemicals that could cause stomach upset. Avoid prickly fabrics or ribbons that could irritate their softer gums.

2. Roller Ball Toys

Younger cats love chasing small bouncy balls around but chances are, your older cat doesn’t seem too keen. Over exertion can cause sore muscles or trigger arthritis so it’s best to stick to a roller ball toy for a more senior cat. These toys allow your cat to bat at the moving balls without having to chase them around the house.

3. Cat Tunnel

Not so much a toy, but a cat tunnel will still provide your pet with hours of pleasure. While younger cats will happily squeeze themselves into any small space, no matter how uncomfortable it seems, older cats prefer a bit more comfort. Choose a soft, padded tunnel with added holes so your cat can still see what’s going on while staying hidden.

4. Cat Wellness Centre

Believe it or not, cat wellness centres exist. Designed to provide grooming and scratching without all the awkward stretching and bending, these cat wellness centres also include gum stimulators to keep your cats’ dental hygiene on top form too.

So there you have it, no matter what age your beloved cat is, they may still be young at heart and ready and waiting to play!

Fri Jul 27 2018