Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2017

“Bring Your Dog To Work Day” is taking place on Friday 23rd June this year. If you’re an employee who owns a dog then you won’t take much convincing that this is a good thing, but employers might be harder to win over. Making an office ‘dog-friendly’ just for one day takes a lot of time and effort but we’ve found several compelling reasons why it’s a great idea.

Raising money for charity

As well as all the good PR associated with being a caring, responsible business, you can also help raise money for important causes. There are two main charities being supported this year, Animals Asia, which aims to end a range of abusive animal practices across Asia, and All Dogs Matter, a London-based dog rescue charity. For a £50 donation, companies can have their logo and website displayed on the ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ website, or individuals can donate money to be included in the ‘Dog With a Job Hall of Fame’.

Good for your health

A 2012 study that took place in America showed that pets in the workplace improved staff morale, provided stress relief and reduced blood pressure in employees. It also encouraged exercise at breaktimes and helped people to deal with low moods. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Raises company profile

The power of social media can’t be denied and with celebrities like Ricky Gervais on board, the #BringYourDogToWork hashtag is expected to get a lot of use. This will help to raise the profile of your company and you’ll be following in the footsteps of other progressive, forward-thinking businesses like Google & Ben & Jerry’s who allow pets in the workplace all year round.

Some ground rules

While this sounds like it’s all fun and games, there are obviously some serious issues you have to consider before taking part:

1. Owners are responsible for controlling their dogs at all times

2. Businesses must have correct employee insurance

3. Individuals need to gain the permission of their employers to bring their dogs to their place of work

4. Respect those employees who may not feel comfortable around dogs

5. Keep the workplace clean and adhere to all hygiene standards

Wed Jun 21 2017