Cat Cafes in the UK

Most of you have probably heard of them by now, but there has been a rise in ‘cat cafes’ throughout the last year or so, where people can go for a coffee in the company of some furry friends. The general idea of them is to promote a feeling of relaxation and for people who perhaps aren’t allowed animals where they live, to enjoy an afternoon with a cat. We thought we’d highlight a few of them in the UK and we’d love to know your thoughts on this new trend – purr-haps you’ve taken a liking to them!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – Shoreditch, London

A fancy cat café in London that specialises in High Tea, cakes, tea, coffee and light snacks – they even offer knitting evenings with the cats! Their menu has an array of sweet and savoury dishes to enjoy whilst the café’s 13 cats meander and sleep around you. There are a few requests on your conduct in the café; staff ask that you don’t wake up sleeping cats, feed them human food, hassle them or pick any of the cats up. It’s advised that you book in advance due to its popularity – general admission is £6.50 and food/drink will need to be ordered separately at the café.

Cat Café – Manchester

The Cat Café in Manchester have quite a strong ‘mission’, as they call it on their site, on why this café has been opened. They say it’s a stress-free space where cats and humans come alongside each other and unwind, which we think is quite a nice sentiment. This café has lots of things on, including film nights, craft days and ‘cat yoga’ which range from £12 – £15. They recommend you book, but it’s not essential as they work on a 50% pre-booked/50% walk-in basis. 1 hour in the café costs £12.

Kitty Café – Nottingham

The Kitty Café is both a café and a cat rescue/re-homing facility, meaning that most of the cats in there have been rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed by the café. There are 20 cats available for re-homing at any time. The café offers the ‘largest range of loose teas’ in Nottingham, as well as a selection of sweet and savoury food. They have house rules available to download on their website and an hour booking costs £5.


Fri Jan 13 2017