Coronavirus and Pet Travel FAQ’s

Can I move my flight forward due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

You can move your flight forward due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but we don’t recommend it. The flights are being cancelled with little notice. If you have a flight booked, we recommend that you keep that booking. In order to make a new booking, the current booking has to be cancelled, so there is a chance your pets will end up with no booking.


Is my flight going to be cancelled?

There are still flights planned to leave UK during the Coronavirus outbreak. If there are not enough passengers on the flight to make it viable for the airlines, then it will be cancelled. The flight availability is determined by the airlines and we have no control of this. We are working through bookings in date order and if we get confirmation of a cancelled flight, we will contact you to make an alternative plan.


What happens if my flight is cancelled?

We will let you know and we will re-book your pet to the soonest available flight. It may be that the flight is some time after the original flight due to space and likelihood of cancellation.


How does the cancellations affect the cost of the flight?

Costs should generally stay the same as long as there is no change to the services you require. At PetAir, we will change bookings for your pets at our own cost, but if you need extra services such as kennelling or cattery stay, then we will charge for those (assuming availability). For the more complicated destinations where pre-travel blood samples and treatments need completing, there is a chance you will need to pay for these to be repeated if the updated flight date means these go out of date.


When are you taking new bookings from?

In order to preserve our quality, we are not accepting new bookings for clients travelling to USA or EU until after 04th May. Our commitment is to our current registered clients and getting their pets re-booked. We hope you understand. If you are travelling elsewhere in the world, then please do contact us and if we can help then, of course, we will.


What happens to my deposit, if I have paid?

If we have booked you a flight, then we will reserve the costs for that, but we will carry over the deposit to a new flight. Depending in the specific circumstances, we may refund your deposit subject to any admin fees and any other money we have spent, such as import permit costs, crates etc etc.


For any further questions regarding pet travel during the Coronavirus pandemic, please contact us here.

Mon Mar 16 2020