Dog Walking Apps

Not everyone is able to have their own dog and this is where dog walking apps come in. If you have experience dog walking then a dog walking app may give you that one-on-one dog company you need and it’ll help out a dog owner.

Not complicated, very easy to use and to top that, it’s free with no advertisements included either. and very easy to use. Walkies is the number one app for dog walks.
To begin, you have to sign up to the app with your info such as Name and Email. It then gives the option to add your dog information into “My Pack”. The information it asks for is Name, Registered name or breed, weight in Ib, Birthday and you can also add a photo of your dog too which completes its own personal profile.
The app has the option “Let’s Go Walkies” which means you can time the length of the walk and record roughly how many Calories were burnt off in that duration. You can see the speed you are walking and the distance travelled if you have your location services enabled.
Another helpful part to this app is “Top U.K. Walks” which displays all the popular dog walks for each county in the country. So if you’re looking for somewhere new to take your dog this option could help you.

Example from Walkies app

You can download this app from the app store by following this link

– iOS – No longer available to download
Map My Dog Walk:
Another great app for dog walks, probably a little more technical than the previous app shown “Walkies”.   But sometimes that can be beneficial as it seems to offer a lot of options.
We assume most dog owners will use these apsRealistically the best reason for having these apps is to record the walks, calories, distance etc.,  Bbut MapMyDogWalk does not only this but also gives more workout options. So even Even if you’re not walking the dog you can set it to a standard distance tracker for your own personal session, perhaps you’re going for a run? This app will track that. ’reR wanting to track your walking, running or cycling activities.
This app has a good feature featureThe option, to view “Routes”, this shows walks that otherwhat people have done in your area. So if you’re looking for a new walking location, this could be a helpful tool to find it.

Screen from Map my walk app

Find this app at the top of the app store list by searching “Dog walking”
or clicking the following links:
– iOS – No longer available to download
– Android – No longer available to download


If we had to pick a winner out of the two dog walking apps we’ve shown then the clear winner is we would pick “Walkies” –  The reason why is because iIt is very easy to use.,  Yoyou can make it more personal to your dog by adding its own profile so and if you have more than one dog you can track their individual walks and calories.
But by all means, see what you think and try both of the apps. Perhaps you like the technical “MapMyDogWalk”

We hope these were helpful to you. Enjoy your dog walks!

Fri Nov 27 2015