Health Benefits of Having a Dog in the Office

Here at PetAir, we’re crazy for animals, and that’s why employees are allowed to bring their dogs into work! Purina and Blue Cross, to name a couple, are also advocates of this.

We’ve put together a few health benefits of having a dog in the office.

They can keep you fit and active

For those of us that find it difficult to motivate ourselves to go out for a walk at lunchtime, a dog really changes that. Dogs need walks, so dog-friendly offices allow for pet owners to get up and do some exercise regularly. If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, it’s very important to take frequent breaks away from your desk, as remaining seated for too long isn’t great for your health. It’s recommended that adults do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day – this can include fast walking.

They reduce stress

Taking time out of your day at work to make a fuss of your dog can reduce your stress levels and put you in a better mood. Studies have shown that spending time with a dog can increase your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are chemicals associated with relaxation and happiness. A 2012 study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management actually showed that stress levels dropped among employees in the workplace when they had dogs by their side. Stress can also affect your immunity, so lower stress levels means less employee sick days!

They improve relationships among colleagues

When you’re out for a walk with your dog, it’s commonplace that you’ll end up having a chat with a fellow dog owner. The same concept can be applied to the office. If you stop by a colleague’s desk to stroke their dog, it will almost certainly lead to a conversation with the owner, perhaps even someone you don’t usually speak to! Central Michigan University carried out a study in 2010 which found that dogs in the workplace lead to more trust between co-workers, which results in greater relationships.

Thu Sep 15 2016