How to Deal with That Doggy Smell!

1. Brush your dog everyday/every other day

Brushing your dog’s fur reduces the buildup of dead hair, dirt and allergens, which can contribute to your dog smelling bad. It also helps to keep your dog comfortable and their coat soft and shiny, as you’re able to remove any matting/knots and reduce greasiness of the fur.

2. Use wipes

There are special wipes for dogs available all over the place, however you could also just stick to good-old baby wipes which are gentle on your dog’s skin. Either way, wipes are a great way of removing dirt from your dog’s fur or wiping their muddy paws after a walk (just make sure to stay away from the eye area!).

3. Keep your dog’s bedding clean

When your dog’s bed isn’t washed regularly, it can develop a ‘doggy smell’ which isn’t very pleasant for you or your guests. As you might guess, if your dog is sleeping in this bed every day, they will start to smell like this too. In order to eliminate the smell and keep their bed fresh, wash the bedding at least every fortnight with a non-irritating and pet friendly cleaning product – have a look around, there are plenty out there!

4. Dry shampoo

Cornstarch and baking soda are known to be good at removing that ‘doggy smell’. There are also store-bought dog dry shampoos, specially formulated for their skin, that you could try. Whatever you use, apply it to the dog’s fur and gently massage it through with a towel.

5. Clean your dog’s ears

Did you know that the bad smell coming from your pup could be from their ears? Lots of yucky things can get trapped in their ears, as well as the build-up of wax. To clean their ears, you could either use baby oil and a cotton ball to gently wipe the inside of the ear or buy some pet ear wipes. It’s incredibly important to be as careful as possible when cleaning your dog’s ears because, just like humans, if you rub too hard it can damage the eardrum and inner ear.

Fri Jun 3 2016