How to Stop Your Puppy from Destructive Chewing

It’s very normal for puppies to chew on things; it’s a way of exploring their surroundings and can relieve pain caused by teeth coming through. However, when chewing starts to become destructive, it’s important to take some preventative steps:

1. Puppy proof the main environments the puppy will be in (e.g. home, office). This may involve tucking chewable or dangerous objects away so they’re out of reach, such as electrical cords and wires, food, shoes and slippers, clothes, jewelry, plants, as well as anything else you think could be a tempting chew for your pup.

2. Channel his chewing onto something appropriate. There is a huge selection of chew toys out there, try out a couple to start with (they might have preferences on what they like), and every time they attempt to chew on an object in your house, give him the chew toy instead. Praise your puppy for chewing appropriately.

3. Spend time playing and exercising with your dog. It’s extremely important to regularly do this as it not only keeps them stimulated and strengthens your bond, but also helps them use up all of that built up energy, which might otherwise be used on chewing. Naturally, a tired puppy is less likely to engage in destructive behaviour, however it’s important not to wear them out or do too much for them to handle.

4. Spray a puppy-safe repellent on objects that they chew particularly. You can buy something pre-made in a shop, or find a simple recipe online to make yourself! Dogs tend to be put off anything that has a sharp or bitter taste, or smells unappealing to them, but be sure to make sure anything you’re spraying is completely safe for them to consume.

Fri Sep 23 2016