How trendy is your pet’s name?

According to the BBC, 3.2 million pets were introduced into our households since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s a lot of new family members to cuddle every day! Not to mention a lot of new owners trying to choose their pet’s name. For many of us, our pet has been our only companion as we’ve been working from home. They’ve brought endless joy, given us a reason to get out of the house and provided some light comic relief too. 

Firstly, choosing a new name for a pet is a big thing. It’s something you’ll be saying (or shouting!) frequently for the best part of 10-20 years so you need to be completely happy with your choice. Certainly the most popular pet names usually follow trends inspired by celebrities, movies and the latest series on Netflix. But the pandemic has had a surprising impact on our choices in the past year, with people even choosing to name their pets Covid and Furlough. In addition, the name ‘Boris’ has rocketed by 121% and the pet’s name ‘Lockie’ (a short form of ‘lockdown’) has had a popularity boost too.

However, trends aside, many of the most popular pet names in the past year appeared in our list from 2017. Six of this year’s top ten names were in the list four years ago, they’ve just shuffled around in order a little bit. Teddy has risen from number seven to number three. Buddy has risen from number ten to number four. Lola has held strong at number five. Bella has fallen from the top spot to number seven, replaced with the new entry of Milo. Alfie has fallen from third to eight place and Daisy has shifted from eight to nine.

However, the news cycle and popular culture have definitely influenced naming trends in 2020.  The name Kobe saw a 355% increase in 2020 following the death of popular basketball player Kobe Bryant. As usual, the Royals have left their mark with Lupo increasing in popularity by 325% as the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s beloved dog passed away in November. It’s no surprise that many people wanted to honour Captain Tom, the 100-year-old British Army officer who raised millions during the pandemic, with the name ‘Captain’ growing by 180%.

What will 2021 have in store for pet naming trends?

Top pet names of 2020:
  1. Milo
  2. Luna
  3. Teddy
  4. Buddy
  5. Lola
  6. Ruby
  7. Bella
  8. Alfie
  9. Daisy
  10. Poppy

Fri May 7 2021