How your love of dogs could earn you extra cash

It seems like everyone has a side hustle these days. And why not? We could all do with a little extra cash. But have you ever considered that your love of dogs could open up a new opportunity for you to make some money? There are loads of great jobs out there that could help fatten your wallet – even if you don’t have your own pooch.

Become an influencer

It seems like everyone (and their dog!) is an influencer these days – and with good reason! There is some serious cash to be made from posting cute photos and videos of your pet. Instagram is still a firm favourite, but you could also venture into the world of TikTok too. TikTok have their very own creator fund which helps you get paid, but the real money is made in brand partnerships. 

Affiliate marketing

Even if you don’t have your own pet to turn into an internet superstar, there is still money to be made online and on social media. Affiliate marketing allows you to place a link on your blog or your social media when talking about a product. Every time someone purchases an item using your unique link, you’ll get a small percentage of the cost of that sale. This is at no additional cost to the buyer. You could start a blog or Instagram account reviewing pet products. Or a TikTok account sharing ‘amazing Amazon life hack’ products and earn some commission from affiliate links.

dog side hustle

Dog walking

Looking for something that’s going to benefit your health, as well as your wallet? Dog walking could be the side hustle for you. You’ll be able to choose a work pattern that fits into your current schedule. You don’t need any qualifications to become a dog walker. However, pet owners may take great comfort if you have knowledge of some pet first aid or animal care. 

Pet photographer

This one could extend beyond dogs of course. If you’re handy with a camera and have the equipment required, becoming a pet photographer could generate some good cash. Even if you don’t have a studio space, you could take pictures out in a natural environment. 

Create a product

The opportunities for creating a new pet product are endless. Think about how you could infiltrate an underserved niche. You could create dog bandanas for people who love drinking coffee, or notebooks with pictures of pets dressed in cute outfits. These could be sold at local markets, or via a social media profile, or even using low-cost sites like Amazon, Etsy or Shopify to sell online. 

Fri Dec 2 2022