It seems that cats like older women the best…

Some fun information we came across for a Friday!

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, with over 10 million believed to be living here in the UK. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows they are, generally independent animals, but they also have a sweet, affectionate side to them. So, have you ever wondered who your cat prefers in the family?

Jenna Kiddie, Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Anglia Ruskin University, says that cats bond best with older women. This is more so than they do with children or men.

According to Jenna, this may be because they know how to approach the animals properly. She said:

“Cats appear to have the best relationship with owners who are adult women. Differences in human behaviour may help explain the varying quality of these relationships. For example, men are thought to be more likely to interact with cats while seated whereas woman tend to interact with cats at their level, normally on the floor.

Adults also usually call to a cat before interacting, allowing the cat to decide whether to respond or not. Children, especially boys, tend to approach cats directly, which may not be tolerated well by individual cats.”

So, if you’re an adult woman returning to your “purry” friend tonight – you can make sure to let everyone know they love you the most. Have a great weekend everyone!

Fri May 12 2017