IKEA launches pet furniture and toy range

Swedish furniture superstore IKEA has just announced the launch of a brand new line of pet furniture and toys. Arriving in the UK in March 2018, the range of specially designed pet furniture was created with the advisement of veterinarians and includes beds, sofas, cabinets and more.

“Our pets are more than just cats or dogs – they are members of our families,” Ikea designer Inma Bermudez told This Dog’s Life. “That’s why Ikea decided it was time that we give back to our beloved pets by creating a collection specifically for them.”

The collection is called ‘LURVIG’ which means ‘shaggy’ in Swedish and many of the items have been designed to fit in with some of Ikea’s best-selling lines so they’ll fit seamlessly into your interior design.


“To develop LURVIG, the starting point was our human furniture at IKEA, but then we focused on the most common needs and behaviours of cats and dogs: sleeping, eating, playing, exercising and being close to us,” says veterinarian Dr. Barbara Shafer, adding, “We are striving not to ‘humanize’ cats and dogs wile still seeing them as family members.”

The range also includes a sofa bed that can extend for any puppy sleepovers, a padded day bed that allows for some serious luxurious napping and a cosy pet carrier. As well as furniture, IKEA are releasing an automatic water dispenser, a slow-feed bowl for dogs and a reflective collar and leash.

The materials chosen for these products was important, as they had to be durable enough to withstand everyday use by a pet.  As such, IKEA, trained vets and owners have put them through a risk analysis to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The items have been designed with a range of different size and shape pets in mind so you should be able to find something to suit your furry friend whether they’re a grand Great Dane or a tiny Chihuahua.

Wed Oct 20 2010