Keeping Your Pet Calm On New Year’s Eve

Pets can become stressed with the commotion of New Year’s Eve so here are our top tips for keeping your pet calm.

Provide a den/cosy place for them to hide

A lot of animals, when stressed or scared, tend to go into an enclosed place in order to feel safe (you may have noticed your cat going behind the sofa). You should provide a comfortable, safe place for them to hide such as an open crate, table or cupboard and pad it out with blankets or a familiar smelling jumper for keeping your pet calm.

Small dog wrapped in a blanket

Use positive noise to distract them

It’s helpful to try and cover up the alarming sounds of fireworks with something else. Peaceful classical music at a reasonable volume is said to relieve some animals’ anxiety, or perhaps just turn on the TV; this may not only distract them with noise, but with visual effects – a lot of animals tend to ‘watch’ TV when it’s on.

Burn extra energy in the day

On the day of New Year’s Eve, give your pet as much exercise as they can handle, if possible. If you have a dog, take them to a park throughout the day for a few long walks to knacker them out. If you have a cat, spend time playing with them indoors to keep them moving. The theory is that, by the time everything starts in the evening, your pet will be fast asleep and won’t get stressed out by it.

Tabby cat staring at camera

Keep your pets inside

Give them the opportunity to go to the toilet outside before it gets dark and then keep them inside the house. Place litter trays around and try not to let them out until the commotion is over. Animals being outside when fireworks are constantly going off can be risky, as they will often either panic (causing possible danger to themselves) or hide, meaning it can be very difficult to find them that night again.

Stay calm yourself and be normal with your pets

During the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, try not to react to them, as they will react to your reactions (A LOT of things seem to put cats on high alert, especially). Don’t worry, get angry with your pet, or fuss over them unnecessarily; simply calmly and gently reassure them, maybe give them a cuddle, but be as normal as possible.


Thu Dec 31 2015