National Pet Month – Fun Animal Facts

1.) A hamster ages a year every 15 days, because a human year is equal to 25 hamster years!

2.) Many studies have shown that owning a pet can make you stress less, lower your blood pressure and lessen your chances of getting heart disease!

3.) Birds must east at least half of their own weight in food each day

4.) Cats have 2 vocal chords and can make over 100 sounds, while dogs can only make about 10…

5.) …Cats can also jump as much as 7 times their own height

tabby cat being cuddled

.) Goldfish can live for up to 40 years!

7.) Some of the fastest dog breeds in the world are: The Greyhound, The Saluki, The Whippet, The Border Collie, The Vizsla, Jack Russell Terrier and The Doberman Pinscher – do you have any of these speed-machines? Why not time how long it takes them to run 100m on your next walk?!

8.) A recent study has shown that the most popular name for dogs (and all pets) in Britain is Alfie, for cats is Charlie and for horses is Rosie – see the full article here

9.) Cats are biologically incapable of being a vegetarian because they can’t break down plant-based foods efficiently and they don’t provide the nutrients your cat needs to survive. Basically, don’t put your cats on a vegetarian or vegan diet!

10.) We realise they aren’t pets, but we thought this one was too adorable to miss out… sea otters hold hands when they sleep to stop themselves drifting away from each other.


Find out more about National Pet Month here

Fri Apr 15 2016