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Where to take your dog in Bruges

Bruges may be small but it certainly packs a cultural punch. Looking like it’s just been plucked out of a fairytale, Bruges is one of Europe’s best preserved medieval cities. With it’s cobbled streets, canals and historic churches, it’s a wonderful place to visit. And that’s before we even talk about the beer and chocolate….

Jan 7 2022

What to do if you meet someone with a dog phobia

I know it’s hard to imagine that anyone could not like dogs. They’re adorable right? But living with a fear of dogs is a daily struggle that many have to battle with. Known as cynophobia, it can be a debilitating phobia for those that suffer. Sufferers will generally avoid all places where dogs are likely…

Dec 31 2021

Where to take your dog in Mexico City

Did you know that Mexico ranks second in the world for pet ownership? Over 70% of households in Mexico have a pet, and 80% of those are dogs. What better place to explore with your pet than the rich cultural history and vibrant restaurants of the fifth largest city on the planet. Seven of the…

Dec 24 2021

Brits love to spoil their dogs at Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Choosing that perfect gift for your loved ones so you can show them just how special they are to you. And we’re not just talking about our friends & family members. It turns out that our pets are getting pretty spoilt in all the festivities too! Brits…

Dec 17 2021

Where to take your dog in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s canals gained it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010 and gained it the nickname ‘Venice of the North’. It’s got an incredible amount of museums and art galleries as well as a thriving nightclub scene. Moreover, if you love cycling then Amsterdam boasts 22,000 miles of bike paths and an…

Dec 10 2021