Petair UK – Still reuniting pets with their owners

If you are looking to move a pet, then we can help you to many destinations. If you had to travel home and have left your pet in UK, we can help your pet join you. There are quite a few cargo flights which we can fly pets on and there are still a number of passenger flights we can fly pets on. The destinations are limited and the schedule is slightly up in the air (still got our sense of humour – eh?) but in many circumstances we can help. We can fly pets to most of USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada. We are hoping that we can add Dubai and South Africa soon. Frankly, British Airways have been herculean in their efforts to help us to reunite pets with their owners, and we thank them for that.


Most of our team are working from home to keep themselves and the nation safe. If our driving team are out and about, we are collecting pets at a distance and making sure everyone stays as safe as possible. We are trying to continue to help people and their pets whilst keeping people healthy and virus free.


The key thing which has always driven us is that we want to help people and their pets. So if you do need to move your pets, then please do contact us and if we can help then we will.

Fri Apr 24 2020