Pets to EU – Post Brexit

If pets are travelling to EU and are travelling within 5 days of their owners, you need a declaration by the owner to able the vets to sign the correct certificate. This is all about how to fill it out correctly. Please read the notes at the bottom of the page.

Do not print this picture out as it is only for pets to travel to Spain. Different EU countries have their own version. You need to use one with your destinations language on. We will provide this on the list of booking forms.

EU owners declaration

Please read below for tips on how to fill out this form correctly.

NOTE 1 – Please insert the name of the owner or person accompanying the pets. If you put the owners name then it needs to be the same name as is on the vaccination cards.

Notes 2 – Chip number of your pet – if you have any doubts about this then leave it and we can fill it in

Notes 3 – Leave this blank as the vets (either our vets or yours depending on who does the final examination) will add the number of the health certificate

Note 4 – Delete 2 of these options. The owner is the owner as stated on the vaccination cards and other documents. If the owner is flying within 5 days of the pet then leave this option and delete the other two. If you as the owner are giving authority to a friend or relative to accompany your pets then delete the top option and the bottom option and leave this one. The third one is more aimed at road transport operators, so for Petair journeys please strike through this option.

Note 5 – insert the place and date when you signed this form.

Note 6 – Sign here – the same person who was marked in NOTE 1 needs to sign here.

For more details or questions please do look here

Or contact our knowledgeable and helpful team who will be able to help.

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Fri Feb 5 2021