Universal Music Are Releasing an Album for Cats

You may be thinking; could this really be true? Well, it really is.

‘Music for Cats’ will be released by Universal Music in October, after a Kickstarter campaign sold more than 10,000 copies of the album, and will be the first album produced by a major label that is not designed for humans.

The album has been composed by David Teie, a music researcher and cellist with America’s National Symphony Orchestra. He composed five combinations of classical music and sounds that are supposed to relax anxious and distressed cats.

Studies have shown that the music is most effective for cats who may have been abused in the past, or can be neurotic/nervous. Mr. Teie said that not all cats will respond to the music, with some going over to the speaker and others just walking out of the room.

“I like the idea that critical taste applies to cats too. But I’ve been sent videos where cats nuzzle up to the speaker or even curl completely around it.” Teie said.

“Very excitable cats are completely calmed and formerly abused or feral cats tend to respond the best.”

“It is communication in the cat’s language, of acceptance and understanding and the comfort that goes along with that.”

A spokesperson for Universal Music said: “We’re thrilled to be part of this world-first project and break into the massive untapped market of non-human music fans.”

“The possibilities are endless for more species-specific ‘Music for’ albums: dogs and horses could all be on the cards.”
Music for Cats is available to pre-order now and will be released on 28th October.

Tue Sep 6 2016