Video conferences with pets

For many of us, up until a few weeks ago, video conferencing was something that only happened at trendy start-ups. You’d probably never even heard of Zoom or House Party. But now the world is working from home, these apps have become a valuable lifeline. They help us have meetings with work colleagues or keep in touch with our mates for virtual pub quizzes. But what about video conferences with pets?

As has always when it comes to the internet, our pets are undoubtedly still the stars of the show. First it was funny YouTube videos, now it’s crashing our video conferences. The sight of a co-workers pet popping up on Zoom will bring a smile to most people’s faces. But, what if you’re trying to forecast the weather to half a million people when your cat decides to join in?

video conferences with pets

Looking for a way to make your Zoom calls a bit more interesting? There are now companies offering to provide animals to join you on your calls. California’s Sweet Farm, a not-for-profit animal sanctuary, will provide a llama, goat, turkey or cow to spice up your next video conference! What better way to brighten up those Monday morning meetings! Also in the US, dog food brand Pedigree has launched The site uses virtual video conferencing to match potential owners with dogs looking for a home.

A video featuring BBC Sport commentator Andrew Cotter and his dogs has gone viral as it captured the hearts of the internet lately. The video shows a Zoom call between Cotter and his four-legged friends. In it, he gives them a ‘performance review’ from ‘management’ and talks about their furlough situation.

If you still can’t get a pet to liven up your calls, you can always change your background to an adorable cat picture to make things a little more interesting!

Fri May 15 2020