What to do if your dog is stolen

According to the latest figures from a Freedom of Information request, more than 1,750 dogs were taken in 2016, that figure equates to five dogs every single day. With numbers like that, it’s important that you know the right steps to take so that you can have the best chance possible at being reunited with your beloved pet.


1.     Report it

Report the theft immediately to the police and ask for a Crime Reference Number. If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip database. You should also contact your local council’s dog warden and any local vets or rescue centres.


2.     Post online

Post about your missing pet online as quickly as possible. Be sure to include a clear, recent photo and mention any distinguishing marks or features your pet may have as well as information about the area they were taken from. There are many relevant groups and pages on Facebook as well as several other missing animal websites.


3.     Use local news sources

Ask the local paper to run a story or place a ‘missing pet’ advert. Contact your local radio station to see if they’ll do a shout-out about your missing pet.


4.     Make posters

As well as posting online, make up your own missing pet posters with all the relevant information and a clear, recent photo of your pet. Ask local businesses and vets to display them as well as posting them in popular local places such as parks and schools. Be sure to include your contact information.


We hope that you will never have to use this information but it’s always best to be prepared. Currently only 1 out of every 5 missing dogs are returned to their owner. Making a lot of noise locally and online about your missing pet will make them ‘too hot to handle’ and will increase your chances of finding them.


Fri Jul 14 2017