What’s the best dog breed for me?

You might think Chihuahuas are the bee’s knees or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a Newfoundland. However, the breed of dog you may find yourself most drawn to may not be the ideal type of dog for your lifestyle or living situation. There are lots of factors that come into play when choosing a dog including their energy levels, allergy restrictions and the size of your house!


Some dogs require much higher levels of exercise each day than others. There are breeds that are happy with a quick whizz around the local park once or twice a day. But more active breeds may require a long, vigorous walk that lasts several hours. You need to think realistically about how much time you can dedicate to being out and about with your dog.


Dogs come with a wide range of personality traits, much like humans. Some dogs are more vocal than others so will howl or bark often. Some dogs are laidback and will get on with other pets or children easily. If you’re looking for a guard dog, there are some breeds that are more naturally inclined to protect than others. You’ll need to think carefully about the characteristics you’re looking for in a pet.

what breed of dog should i get?


If you live in a small studio flat, a Great Dane probably isn’t a good idea. As well as thinking about whether you’ve actually got space for your dog, you’ll need to think about other possible situations too. Who will be walking the dog? Would they be strong enough to control a larger dog if things got lively? Are you expecting children or teenagers to walk them? When you go away, who will take care of your dog and what restrictions might they have?

Fur type

Some long-hair breeds will require hours of brushing to keep their coats in top condition. Even some short-haired breeds need the folds of their skin cleaning to avoid infections. Some dogs moult a lot, meaning you’ll need to keep on top of household cleaning more often too. You’ll also need to consider any allergies in your household. Some dogs are less likely to cause allergic reactions than others.

So if you’re looking for a new four-legged friend, hopefully these tips will help you find the best dog breed for you and your lifestyle.

Fri May 21 2021