Which dog breeds will enjoy running with me?

While it’s true that all dogs need exercise, not all dogs are created equal. If you’re looking for a dog that can manage long distances or fast-paced running then you’ll need to choose carefully. Some breeds of dog are genetically better suited to more intense exercise than others. Running with your dog will help to build a strong bond as you spend plenty of time together. Running can also provide great physical and mental benefits for you both. So, which dog breeds will enjoy running?

Before you start

First of all, regardless of which breed you choose, it should be noted that you should never take a puppy out for a run. Their bones and muscles are not yet fully developed and their joints are still vulnerable. If you’ve got a medium or large breed, you’ll need to think about the surface that you’ll be running on. These dogs should not be allowed to run on tarmac or concrete until they are at least 18 months old. Whatever age or breed you choose, you should always check with a veterinarian that the routine you’ve got in mind is suitable. 

Getting started

It’s important to ease your dog into any new routine that you’ve got planned. Start off at a slow, reasonable pace and keep the distance fairly short. You can gradually build up your speed and increase the length of your runs as you and your dog adjust. Don’t forget to schedule rest days into your routine. Make sure you’ve got the right equipment available to keep your dog well hydrated while you’re out and about.

dog breeds that love running

Dog breeds that will enjoy running

Of course, any breed has the potential to make a great running partner. It all depends on their individual personality. But these breeds generally have the physical attributes required. Border Collies are a great breed for running with as they are highly intelligent natural herders who have plenty of stamina. Weimaraners are another great choice. They’re very energetic and muscly, meaning they can keep up with long steady runs or short, faster ones. Dalmatians would also make a brilliant running pal. Originally bred to run alongside horses, they can go for miles and miles. Due to their heavy-footedness, it’s best to stick to softer trails rather than hard pavements.

Springer Spaniels are like the Energiser bunnies of the dog world and have endless amounts of energy.  They love the mental and physical stimulation of going for a run which probably stems from being bred as a working dog breed for so long. If you love running but would prefer a smaller breed of dog compared to the larger ones already mentioned, a border terrier is a great choice. Their high energy levels means they may need a leash as you might find them dashing off to “chase prey” at a moments notice!

Whether you’re out hitting the trails, or jogging around the local park, you’ll find many dog breeds that will enjoy running with you.

Fri Aug 27 2021