Why Giving Your Dog a Bone Can Be Dangerous

Bones have seemed like a normal thing for your dog to chew on for generations, however they could be doing more harm than good as vets are now warning that they can be very dangerous for your dog.

The PDSA has issued a warning that splinters and pieces of bone could seriously damage your dog’s digestive system. Rebecca Ashman, a senior vet at the PDSA, offered this explanation:

“We don’t recommend bones as treats because unfortunately our vets and nurses regularly see dogs with digestive tract damage and blockages caused by splinters or larger pieces of bone being swallowed and becoming stuck.”

“Surgery is usually needed to remove any blockage and in some cases, the damage is so serious that it can be fatal. Similarly, if they swallow a large piece of rawhide chew this can become stuck and cause serious problems.”

If you’re wondering what to give your dog to chew instead, Ashman also offered advice on this:“We would advise sticking to dog friendly chew toys (suitable for their size) that help keep your dog’s teeth clean and don’t present the same choking or blockage risks,”

“Non-rawhide chews are also safe, but be sure to count the calories from these as part of your dog’s daily allowance, as eating too many of these treats can cause weight gain.” 

Fri Sep 30 2016