Why is my dog scratching so much?

An itchy dog is a common complaint of pet owners. With all that fur it’s only natural to expect your pet to scratch the odd itch. But if they are scratching themselves to the point of sores or lesions in their skin then it’s time to investigate the cause further. There are many different reasons why your dog may be overly itchy. It could be caused by a number of different external factors. If left for too long, your dog could end up with a rash, wounds or alopecia – patches of bald skin. So, what are the possible reasons for your dog scratching?

Fleas, ticks or mites

Unfortunately there are many parasites hanging around that jump (literally!) at the chance to inhabit your dog. Ticks can be fairly easy to spot and should be checked for after every walk in the forest or near long grass. You can check this map to see if ticks are a particular issue in your area. Fleas and mites are much harder to see due to their reduced size and are often only discovered once a large infestation has evolved. Make sure to keep up with regular flea treatments and talk to your veterinarian about starting a treatment plan.

Why is my pet scratching so much?


Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to many things they might encounter in their day to day life. If you’ve recently introduced a new type or brand of food this could contain different ingredients that may have triggered an allergy. This might also coincide with other symptoms such as excess wind and tummy upsets. Your dog may also be suffering after coming into contact with something from the outside world. Certain types of tree, pollen or grass can all trigger itching and may be worse during the spring and summer. There’s also a chance that their skin isn’t a fan of the washing powder you’re using. Talk to your veterinarian about the most suitable laundry alternatives available.

Dry skin

Dry, flaky skin could be the cause of your dog’s itchiness. Just like human skin, dogs can develop ‘dandruff’ which can cause no end of frustration and scratching. You might live somewhere with very low humidity or maybe your winter central heating is drying out their skin. Commercial pet food may also be contributing to your dog’s dry skin. Many foods, particularly dry foods, have the oils stripped from them and this can make them quite dehydrating. Speak to your veterinarian before changing or supplementing your dog’s diet.

Fri Sep 24 2021