About Barbados

Barbados is an island in the West Indies, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and only 21 miles long. With beautiful weather, stunning tropical surroundings, and an array of outdoor activities there’s plenty to do on this small island. With English as the main language and their laws being largely based on UK law, it wouldn’t be a difficult move to make. We are here to help you fly your pets to Barbados for your new life.


Barbados Pet Import

Barbados doesn’t require a quarantine period on arrival. But there are a few things you’ll need to enter the country with a pet. First your pet must have a microchip and it must have a rabies vaccine. After the rabies vaccine you need to wait at least 35 days before travelling to the country. Along with the vaccine, you need to have your pet tested for heartworm, leishmaniasis and other viruses that may be present in your origin country. Dogs must be treated for tapeworms and ticks with 7 days of your departure. Once this is all completed, you need an export health certificate from a government approved vet. The Petair UK veterinary team can help complete this to make things super easy for you.

Pets travelling to Barbados need an import permit as well. You need to be locally based to get this, so having someone on Barbados who can help is really useful. The permit must be obtained from: Veterinary Service Department, Ministry of Agriculture, The Pine, St Michael, Barbados – Tel; 001 246 427 5073/Fax; 001 246 429 2143


Upon arrival in Barbados with your pet, you will be issued a landing certificate at a cost of $60 per animal. You need to work with a customs broker to ensure there are no delays in importing your pet. Petair UK can recommend a customs broker if you don’t have one. Once you have all the required certificates, your pet will be transported to the animal reception centre. This is because all pets entering the country need to be inspected by a local vet. There are charges for this service if you need them outside of regular working hours, so keep this in mind when planning your travel.


If you are looking into Barbados pet travel, then contact us today. We have flown over 12,000 pets worldwide and have over 12 years’ experience in completing the required paperwork to ensure your journey goes smoothly.

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