Pet travel to Argentina is becoming more and more common. British Airways have a direct flight there and there are indirect flights that we can use at different times of the year.

The veterinary preparation is reasonably simple Pets traveling to Argentina will require microchip identification and a rabies booster vaccination; the rabies vaccination must be given not less than 30 days and not more than 12 months prior to the date of travel. Then the pets will need a check with a UK government vet within 5 days of the flight and export paperwork completing.

If you are Argentinian then we’ll require your CUIL (Unique Tax ID) in order to make a booking with the airline. If you are any other nationally your passport number is acceptable.

The trickiest part about flying your pets to any South American country, including Argentina, is clearing them when they land. The customs clearance process can be very long and very expensive. It is mandatory to use an agent to land your pets in Argentina and the agent will liaise with the customs officials and be able to clear your pet quicker and more cheaply than you can as an individual. At Petair UK, we have flown many pets to South America, so either we can put you in touch with your our recommended broker or we can work with your own broker.

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