In terms of routes, for a direct flight from UK to Colombia we use Avianca if they are flying, or there are indirect routes we can use.

Some countries require an import permit for pets, however Colombia does not. You also are not required to microchip your pet, although it’s still recommended. However, you pets should have been vaccinated for rabies more than 30 days before travel and not more than 12 months, but the vaccination should still be in date. And the pets need to have been resident in UK for at least 6 months before travel. When entering the country from the UK you will also need to vaccinate your pets against parainfluenza and coronavirus. Pets need a government export health certificate completing by a government vet. The vets with Petair UK can perform these tasks. This will prove that your pet is healthy and up to date with vaccines.

Clearing pets after landing in Colombia is tricky, so you have to use an agent to help you. The agents can be expensive and the customs fees on landing can also be expensive. At Petair we are used to working with agents in Colombia so we are perfectly poised to help you.

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